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Current Situation

Xiamen Airlines has been conducting cargo business since 1984. Apart from our own business, we also handle cargo operations for China Southern Airlines, Hebei Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines.

Up to May, 2017, Xiamen Airlines operates 156 domestic routes, 16 regional routes and 36 international routes (including 7 intercontinental routes), and flies more than 3000 flights each week with a fleet of 168 aircraft. Basing in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and Changsha, our network covers major cities in China, extends to Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, and connects to Europe, America and Oceania.

Xiamen Airlines currently has three warehouses in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Hangzhou. And the handling capacity of Xiamen has reached 120,000 tons per year. Since 2005, Xiamen Airlines has transported a grand total of 1.91million tons of cargo and mail, maintaining a steady growth every year. During the 12thFive-year Plan, our average annual growth of transport volume reached 6.1% and our earnings rose by 8.7% annually, way above the industry average.  


      Transport Volume of Xiamen Airlines between 2005 and 2016


Committed to constantly improving our logistics service system, we pull together to provide effective, comprehensive and high-quality services featuring “Excellence, Respect, Detail and Beauty” to every customer. Because of this, we gradually win more and more recognition and thus have been awarded prizes including “One of the Best Aviation Logistics Companies in China” “Best Customer Service Provider” “Top 100 Logistics Enterprises in China” and so on.  

 Strategy and Vision

Xiamen Airlines will never stop progressing and will keep pace with the latest development of the industry even though the way forward is full of twists and turns. We are dedicated to improving our services and products through marketing-mode transformation and operation system innovation. Now, Xiamen Airlines Cargo is upgrading from a traditional air cargo carrier to a comprehensive logistics service provider. The vision to “be an internationally recognized brand name airline, to make the Airline a preferred choice for customers and to become a top class airline in the Asia-Pacific region” will definitely be fulfilled in the near future and there will come the day when this egret finally goes up with the wind, and soars into the highest sky.